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Hello! Nice to meet you

My name is Andie Gómez-Acebo, I am a freelance brand designer & manager and also photographer. I’m very glad to see you here.

This is me

I studied Journalism & Advertisement in the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria and then did a course on Luxury Brand Management and Product Design at London School of Fashion. I have dived into different working experiences such as marketing agencies, community managing or even creating a clothing brand.

I’m currently based in Madrid, where I help some brands come to life and others to reach their next image goals, amongst other things. I also work as a freelance photographer or am even sometimes required to mix everything together in order to achieve exactly what clients want. I’m also very excited to announce that very soon I will be part of the launching of a very special project, coming up this year.

This is how I work

When I was little I used to play a lot with sewing buttons, I was very imaginative. One day I found a broken button and I went to my father and told him: “look, Dad, a dead button!” I’ve been called Buttons ever since.

For me, a brand is like designing a dress: you have an idea, you try, you fail and work a lot until you have a creation you feel proud of. Every seam, needlework and button count and have a reason to be where they are. A fashion creation is usually made not by only one person, one perspective and one craftsperson. That is why I specialize on the “small” yet important things that make a design unique, just like fashion designers do.


Want to make of your brand an amazing design? Let’s make magic together!

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