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The foundation

The Order of Malta is one of the oldest foundations in history. It started over 900 years ago in Jerusalem, Israel, and it has changed it’s headquarters (currently in Rome) several times, hence making it an international institution. It is more than a mere NGO, it is a Sovereign Order, which started out with purposes based on the defense of the Christian faith and the care of the poor and sick. Nowadays they are found in more than 100 countries and the serving of the poor and sick is still the main reason of its existence.

In Spain the Order is specialized in helping the abandoned, the poor and the sick. There are many projects regarding these needs, such as soup kitchens, clothing campaigns, visitation and care for the lonely and sick, etc. This foundation is supported by its members and donations, therefore sometimes other activities are required in order to maintain the projects and the chance of starting new ones. I was contacted to make an invitation and flyer for a charity sale. This is my little way of contributing.


The concept

For the last years, the Order in Spain has been trying to refresh its image and make it into a closer and friendlier image. Seldom people know what the Order does, especially the young, who are always searching for projects to help out volunteering and don’t know where to go to. So has happened with the Chrsitmas charity sale, which has been held for several years already now and few people know about it. So my mission was to make a simple and attractive invitation/flyer that would help people with their Christmas shopping while contributing to a good cause.

The only problem with this specific project was that the Order of Malta is an official foundation, and every piece of communication has to be approved and must follow certain formalities. The colors, the logo and certain requirements were very important. So my initial idea of going with a very minimalistic and white-colored flyer had to be adapted. The logo must always be presented in its official form and there had to be a religious motive in it. So I went with the Malta red (which is more of a maroon) and mixed it with simple and minimal lines.


The flyer

It was meant to be sent via e-mail, chat and also printed. the flyer had to be clear, attractive and official. All the information had to be presented in a clear way and anyone who saw would have to want to go. So the final idea was to create a nice and eye-catching contrast with the Malta red and a centered figure. As it had to speak about Christmas in a more religious way, I went with a Nativity scene.

Now the “hip” part had to play its part. Therefore, I made the Nativity Scene with a very minimal design: simple lines and and black & white. The font combination (one of my favorites: Playfair display italic, Montserrat and Lato), had also an important role. It was meant to create a festive yet elegant sensation, a bit of a “special occasion” kind of feeling. And above all, every piece of information was crucial and had to be clear and read instantly, without having too much of a relevance to the eye.

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