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The brand

Iberus Capital is a new type of project for me. It is a new investment group dedicated to real estate transactions. When I was contacted I was told about the company and I thought it would be pretty straight forward but then I was asked something that took me by surprise: the brand had to be identified with the Iberian Peninsula, with it’s history and traditions. Definitely not the typical requirements one would expect coming from an investment group.

I had to find the balance between modernity and tradition, so I went with simple and minimal lines and then mixed it up with historic elements. At the beginning it looked a bit dull so I had to search for new ideas and decided to add a bit of color: just the exact amount and correct palette in order not to lose te focus of the company’s elegance and professional essence.


The logo

The logo of Iberus plays with 3 fonts: Playfair Display Regular, Montserrat Extra light and Montserrat Light. The contrast of weight and serif of the fonts in plain black and white creates a sensation of modernity and avant-garde. “Iberus” is the tradition and history, therefore is the word in the serif font. Capital and investment group are the words that talk about modernity and professional essence, therefore are the ones in sans serif fonts.

The visual elements in this logo are a shield and a line. The shield is again the element of tradition, the Iberian wink. However, it should be minimalistic, due to the presence of many elements. Inside the shield are the first letters of the logo. This way this part of the logotype is to be also used as a brand icon.


The identity

The identity of a brand is far more than a mere logo. It is the fonts that are used, the colors, the disposition and sizes of every element. Iberus Capital is an elegant company, therefore its identity should be as such. The use of the colors and elements should tend to minimalism more than overwhelming the eye.

Fine lines, contrast in in colors, small elements. The logo should always be presented in simple situations: black and white, gold and blue, surrounded by minimal lines, etc.

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