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It’s not the first time I work for Asisa Dental, but this was the first printed graphic work I was going to do, so it has a special spot in my heart.

I had little time for it was ind of urgent, so we had to come with a cool concept ASAP. The idea, I have to admit, was not mine, but the result was great, and that’s the important thing. All the clinics in Spain of Asisa Dental have been going through a lot of change lately and one of them was to create an internal magazine called The Smile Post, to be found with other magazines in the waiting lounges, and this campaign was meant to be part of it.

It had to follow the magazine’s statement: to provoke a smile. I followed the idea of basing the look & feel on the intro of the series Lie to Me, where several images appear pointing certain parts of facial expressions in order to explain what the face is truly saying. We went with that because the message that was meant to be sent (“smiling is good for your health”), could fit perfectly with that.

The campaign was later on followed by other pieces, all under of the Publiterapia umbrella (advertisement + therapy).

However, I went with a super clean look & feel (such as Apple does) and decided to go for black and white images, so that the sole colour accent would rely on the logo and the message was clean and better received.

The photographs are not mine, but they are from some of the employees, which is kind of cute.

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